Consuming Fire Newsletter


1.  WANTED: Booster club members.
To help with fundraisers, fundraiser events, outreach to perform the Winter Ballet at other locations, Costume manager, housekeeping at the studio & gym, lead a garage sale, help with event ticket sales, photograph our performances and get the photos out on social media, etc.

Let me know what area you would be able to help with. (reply via text, remind or email) More than one person is needed!

How much time is involved? Booster Club members need to participate in a minimum of one project a year.

What's in it for me? 
a.  Free business card advertisement in the annual programs, (winter ballet, spring recital, gymnastics recital) and receive 1 free 5x7 photo
b. Waive up to $30.00 in recital fees and receive 1 free photo.

While you are helping your child to explore every avenue of what might interests her or him, (softball, basket ball, volley ball, golf, etc.)
we here at Consuming Fire are searching for the next student(s) who we can pour and heart and soul into.

Many times we don't make a good match.

* Either the student has the ability, but not the drive;

* The student has the ability, but the parents want them to play sports, participate in band, theater, and dance team.

* The student has the ability but neither the student or parent want to commit to the dance schedule/gymnastics schedule.

When we see that your dancer or gymnast has the potential, and either you or the student wants to be involved in everything but dance or gymnastics, that will cause us to be disappointed here at Consuming Fire.

We respect your decision, and you are still welcome here!

3. How to earn FREE dance classes
The students involved in the core subjects of ballet and tap, are encouraged to take the class or classes below their level that they completed, for FREE. Example: A ballet IV student can take levels I-III for free. A tap level 4 student can take levels 1-3 for free, etc.  Practice more than once a week develops proficiency in their skills.

Tap and ballet are the core subjects that other dance forms are based off of. When a student is proficient in these areas, other forms are picked up easily.

Discounts: Beginning in August, we will offer 10% off the combination of dance + gymnastics class, AND 10% discount for families with more than one student enrolled.

4. Referral Program
We will be utilizing a referral program, to help with the fall enrollment. There will be incentives such as: sign up a friend, and you plus your friend receive $10 off the first month. You can earn points, then redeem the points at the studio. More information will be coming.

5. Ballet Scholarship Promotion
Beginning in August 2018, we will be offering ballet classes on scholarship for ages 8 and older. This will encompass the pre-professional levels of ballet; the Prep-class, through level IV.

The professional series starts with level V.


Ballet Scholarship Promotion

Beginning in August 2018, we will be offering ballet classes on scholarship for ages 8 and older.

Open scholarship application here